3 months post op: Follow up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Breyer

Earl and I took a drive into the city for my 3 month post op check up with Dr. Breyer. There was a Giants game and the traffic was aweful. It took us 4 hours for what is usually a 2 hour trip. I was hoping to have lunch with my good friend, Richard before the 1:30PM appointment, but due to traffic, we had to cancel. We did get to see Richard after the doctor’s appointment and, as usual, Richard sent us home with a nice goody bag of yummy treats and some Surfer’s Journals. And of course, I got my Karl love fix. Earl drove home (just 2 hours this time.) Thanks, Earl!Image


Dr. Breyer was disappointed that my stoma had receded and shrunk. It is still functioning, but he is concerned that it may close up. If so, we’ll have to do the surgery all over again, this time using a section of my remaining colon that was not damaged by radiation treatments for the original colon cancer back in 1986. He used a section of ilium (the part of the intestine that joins the small and large intestine) as the conduit for the urine. But, unfortunately, the tissue was compromised from the radiation. We’ll wait and watch; so long as the stoma continues to drain the urine, I’m fine. If it closes off then we’ll have to redo it. But for now, I’m fine, expect for ongoing GI track issues, liquid output from my colostomy. I suppose my GI track is still adjusting to the trauma of having another piece cut out to be used as the conduit for the urostomy.


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