5 Keys to Defeating Cancer

5 Keys to Defeating Cancer from a 28 year survivor.

5 Keys to Defeating Cancer from a 28 year survivor.

Here are my five “keys” to defeating colon cancer. It worked for me and adapted to your specific situation, I am certain it will work for you…

Key #1: Don’t play the victim

Key #2: Treat your “whole” self

Key #3: Give back

Key #4: Visualization and Meditation

Key #5: Live a healthy lifestyle

First Key Don’t play the victim. Yeah, it’s rotten, it sucks, it’s scary, it hurts, it’s depressing, and none of those feelings are going to help me get better! Coming to the fight of my life with a victor’s attitude removes me from the “why me Lord” spot and allows my body the extra energy it needs to fight off the cancer. Sometimes, I can’t get to the victory lap by myself, I need help. That’s when having supportive and positive family, friends and medical professionals comes in. They are members of my army, my troops that rally around me and lift me up when I don’t feel like I can go on. Win or lose, I’d rather believe I am going to survive and live as long and as well as possible, than to lay down and die. Don’t be the victim, be the VICTOR! GET A BUDDY or two who’s been through it to help you along your path.

SECOND KEY The second key to surviving cancer is to heal your “whole” self. We are more than just our physical body that the cancer is attacking. We are body, mind and spirit. When we marshal resources for the battle against cancer, we must be sure to include what we need to win at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. When I was battling cancer (not that I have stopped after 25 years) the doctors and medical professionals pretty much took care of the physical part. However, back then there was little to no nutrition or physical activity guidance. I had to seek help outside the system for good nutrition, vitamins, supplements and a proper exercise routine. On the emotional side, 25 years ago I was offered nothing to help me and my family deal with the emotional trauma of the diagnosis, decisions about treatment, or through the challenges of treatment and eventually recovery. It was like, “OK, now what?” Fortunately, a good family friend and holistic nurse came to our rescue and through meditation, visualizations, counseling and love, we got the help we needed. It would also have been great at that time to have a mentor, someone who had been through what I was facing at the time to talk with and get a vision for what it might be like at each step of the process. On the spiritual side, I had everyone praying for me. Mormons, Catholics, Buhdists, Hindus, you name it, I accepted all forms of spiritual defense. I had my ch okras aligned, my aura cleansed and anything else anyone suggested. I found my connection to God as a result. Second key to cancer survival…heal your whole self

3rd Key to beating cancer: Giving back “By going through my battle with cancer and winning, I am now uniquely qualified (one of eleven million cancer survivors) to offer hope, encouragement and support to others fighting for their lives.” One of the biggest questions that kept running through my head (once I got through all the treatments and procedures) was: “Why me Lord?” Sometimes it was rhetorical, but sometimes I asked it in a heart-felt way and really expected an answer. I never did get a direct answer from God, but I didn’t ignore the signs that started popping up in my post cancer life. People would ask me what it was like, how did I beat it, what did my future look like? I began getting my answer to “Why me Lord” by sharing with other cancer patients and survivors my experiences and further making myself available by volunteering with American Cancer Society, Colon Cancer Alliance, and my local hospitals cancer survivors support groups. What I have finally come to understand in answer to my question is: “By going through my battle with cancer and winning, I am now uniquely qualified (one of eleven million cancer survivors) to offer hope, encouragement and support to others fighting for their lives.” I am energized with each connection I make through my volunteer activities and believe with all my heart that there is a greater purpose to my continued cancer free life. Giving back is that greater purpose and one that I am uniquely qualified to do due thanks to my experience in battling and beating cancer.

Keys to beating cancer: #4 Visualizing a cancer free future When I was going through treatment for State 3 colon cancer 25 years ago I was fortunate to have a family friend who was a holistic nurse. I didn’t know at the time what I needed to beat the cancer, but I was open to just about anything that might help me win the fight. I offered to fly June down from Northern California to visit with me for a day in Southern Cal. She accepted. In addition to getting me started on a more healthy diet and exercise program including supplements and vitamins (years before the medical community accepted supplements), June taught me how to meditate and visualize my body fighting off the cancer from within. She made me a tape that I listened to for 30 minutes twice a day throughout my many months of treatments. I recommend¬†www.intuitivemedicine.com. Dr. Janet Bailey.

Key #5: Live a healthy lifestyle Exercise 30 minutes everyday (I prefer a surf session daily, but walking, biking, swimming or your favorite activity that elevates the heart rate (arobic) for at least 20 minutes. Eat right! 5 servings (what fits into the palm of you hand) or fresh fruit and veggies daily, reduce your consumption of red meat. Remember, the fewer feet the better…no feet: fish, 2 feet: chicken & turkey, 4 feet:Beef and Port. Reduce you consumption of alcohol, eliminate smoking, stay out of unhealthy environments. Reduce stress: Schedule a quiet time each day to just relax and let you body idle, change jobs if you have to, change where you live, whatever it takes. I believe that stress is one of the major causes of cancer, so if you don’t want to get it, or have it come back, you got to reduce and eliminate stress. Surround yourself with positive supportive people: Create an environment of love, happiness and joyous people and circumstances. In such an environment you are being charged up with positive emotion and energy. If you find someone or something is draining you of your joy and happy existence (drawing your energy down), simply choose not to be around them or let them know that your continued health is most important and if they can’t make a positive impact in your life you will be forced to disconnect from them. Tough but necessary. You might be surprised at their response, it might even allow them to see a better way of being for themselves and for you.

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