Kind Words from a Loving Mom and Care-Angel

Randy, I read your recent journey and pray you are going to have a speedy healing. You were the first person who responded to me when I put my son, Parker, diagnosis on the Colon Cancer forum. We talked on the phone later about the situation and I felt blessed to discuss it and feel that death was not around the corner. As you may recall, he was 26 at the time (now 1 yr 2 months later) and diagnosed stage 3 node 1 with Lynch Syndrome. His tumor started in rectum and went up thru the colon so they removed over 2/3 colon and 1/2 inch of rectum left. He had ileostomy bag for 9 wks then reversal. He had chemo/rad before surgery and 6 mo chemo afterwards. He finished chemo Dec 6, 2013 and went thru CT school and clinicals during this time of 6 months. The journey was rocky at times so I went to the CC forum for advice and always had great support. Parker has had some issues with tweeking the fiber and immodium to help normalize bowel movements but believes he will resolve those issues in the future. Any info on that subject sent to us would be helpful. Thank you for being there for our family and others-you are and have been a light in the darkness for so many people across the world. Parker’s surgeries were at UNC Medical Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC and had excellent surgeons and care. If you ever are in the area, pls contact us. We are forever grateful. Patsy and Parker

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