Day 10: Post OP- At home in Tahoe

Spent a couple of days with Peggy and Earl in Folsom. Visited with Jeff and Kristin and drove home to Tahoe yesterday. Threw up twice on the 1.5 hour road trip. Do not go on mountain roads while nauseated. Ralph!

JT, a home health nurse came today to check on me. Very nice service. He will be back on Friday and I’ll change my new urostomy appliance again when he is here. Edgepark has shipped my new urostomy supplies, so they should be here by then. I changed the appliance myself today. There was some discharge around the stoma, but it is pink and healthy. Still quite recessed due to swelling. Using a Hollister convex cut to fit two piece wafer and pouch with coloplast skin prep wipe. We’ll see how it holds up. The first one they put on in surgery leaked the next day, but the one put on last Thursday held up quite well, no leaks. Stoma is currenty at 1″, but will probably shrink over time.

Walked half way around the block today. Still  lots of gas and liquid stool. Eating a solid diet now and off the narco drugs. Just taking IB profin and Tylenol, 1000mg each. JT told me the max dose for all these type of drugs, aspirin, tylenol, IB profin is 4000 MG daily. Have to keep watch on that as some of the narco drugs also have tylenol in them. Hope I don’t have to go back on the narcos, give me a stomach ache.

2 thoughts on “Day 10: Post OP- At home in Tahoe

  1. Hi Randy, Sounds like things are going well for you. I hope your recovery will be speedy. Radiation really left you with some issues that you had to take care of. But you seem to stand strong no matter what. I feel the same way about hi-profile pain killers. I will not take them unless I am in DIAR-STRAIGHTS. The side effects add up then I have to wait several hours to be sure that the drugs are out of my system. Walking and lots of water or gator aid seem to do the trick. Time and following doctor’s orders. I will pray for a speedy recovery so you can have this be the past so you can move forward and stay healthy.

    Always, Shirley in Connecticut

    • Dear Shirley,
      Thank you for your kind and supportive comments. I am at day 12 post op and finally able to sleep on my side. Starting to feel “frisky” and will have to check with the docs about when Trish and I can resume intimate relations. I must be getting better! LOL

      Talk to you next week. I should be back on the helpline on Monday the 27th.


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