new stoma: 4 days post-op

New stoma: day 4 post op

New stoma: day 4 post, blister at the top caused by tape residue. Have to cut ostomy appliance wafer to allow air to heal.

Dr. Breyer was pleased with the way everything went during surgery. I’ll be on a low residual diet for 30 days with no grains, no raw fruits or veggies, nothing with seeds. He and Trish decided it would be best for me to stay until Thursday morning before discharge and driving back to Folsom. I’m good with that. Great care here at UCSF Med Center.

End of January for my follow up appointment to remove the staples and stints (the white tubes in the photo are to keep the ureters open until swelling is gone.) Normally they would be removed after a few days, but due to the radiation treatments, my tissue quality is somewhat compromised. Although Dr. Breyer said it was much better than the tissue lower in perineal area.

I am VERY pleased with how things are going. Very little pain as I am “weened” off of the epidural and onto oral pain meds. Got to eat today; first real food since Thursday. My eggs and oatmeal tasted like steak and lobster. Trish brought me cookies and a Starbuck espresso frap…yummy!

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