Day 3 post op: UCSF Med Center

Day 3 post op

Day 3 post op: sitting up and walking

Busy day today…being “weined” off of epidural and onto oral pain meds. Getting a liquid diet..Hurray, I am so hungry. Nothing to eat for 3 days, lost 5 pounds. Cranberry juice never tasted so good!

For those with colostomies getting urostomy, plan on using a vented pouch for your colostomy. Lots of gas after abdominal surgery and getting up to change it is a pain. I only brought closed end non vented pouches and that was a mistake.

I am supposed to be allowed to change my urostomy wafer and pouch today, too. Will post later.

Wonderful love and support from so many. Tricia, Peggy, Earl and Tiffany were here for surgery day. Tricia is here everyday. Feel so much better with her here. So many Facebook posts, too….

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