Urostomy supplies: Thank you, Convatec!

Urostomy supplies

Many thanks to Karen Krenta and all the great WOCN’s at Convatec for sending me this urostomy starter kit. Shown here is the night collection bag which is connected to the urostomy pouch to collect the urine overnight. It’s important to allow the urine to drain freely so as not to create a back pressure on the kidneys. Photos below of the drainable pouch, mouldable wafers and supply bag. http://www.convatec.com, 800.422.8811

I am now ready for my upcoming urostomy surgery at UCSF Med Center (Dr. Breyer) on January 10th, 2014. I have struggled with chronic UTIs caused by damage to my urinary track by pelvic radiation treatments for rectal cancer back in 1986. I’ve suffered through several hospitalizations and multiple surgeries to try to resolve the issue, but to no avail. (More on a previous blog entry…double-bagger.)

Looking back over the past several years (especially this past year,) I can see now that I should have elected to go directly to the urostomy surgery to bypass all the damaged tissue from the radiation. Go figure that me, the OstomyMAN, would hesitate having another pouch to improve quality of life and possibly even save my life. (I nearly died twice from UTI’s that went septic.)

I appreciate all the support from family and friends in the cancer survivor and ostomy communities who have been so supportive during this part of my journey to wellness.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!


Randy, 27 year colon cancer survivor and ostomate (soon to be a double-bagger)



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