from Cancer to Caring

“Why me, Lord?”

That is a question that I ask myself everyday. Why did I have to suffer through treatment for colon cancer and live with the negative side effects?

For 27 years, I continue to survive what was said to be a terminal illness and still I wonder, why me? What is the purpose of my journey. I search and seek answers, but I still have no answer…..

Except that by having experienced the pain, anger, sadness, hope and acceptance I am uniquely qualified to understand the suffering of others. When I connect with another survivor, there is an immediate bond of understanding and trust. When this happens, it doesn’t take away the memories of fear and pain, but it does shine a light on those dark memories and make them less troublesome.

When a survivor I’ve connected with says they have been comforted through our connection, given hope that cancer does not mean certain death or worse; a life filled with terrible side effects, cast out from the “normal” life. I say, “thank you” and understand a little better WHY ME LORD? So that I can move from cancer  to caring.

Randy, 27 year cancer survivor

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