Sacramento UNDY5000 5K run/walk to DEFEAT Colon Cancer

With the help and support from family and friends, our 2nd annual Sacramento UNDY5000 event was a great success!
Mar 2 2013 348

I want to thank my family, pictured above, who have been there for me every step of my 27 year journey to beat cancer and survive the cure (download the eBook at As always, Patricia (wife), Peggy (sister), Earl (brother), the Haight Family (nieces and nephews) and the Barnetts (nieces and nephews) were there for me. Jeff (son) and Kristen Mar 2 2013 286(daughter) were there, along with Earl (of course) for the back bending setup for the event on Friday. And Jeff was by my side asking; “Dad, what can I do to help you?” All day during the event on Saturday.

Mar 2 2013 329

Congats to Ashlee for being the first of our team to finish, way to go Ash! Finished #68 overall!

Mar 2 2013 334

Amanda took a wrong turn and ran an 8K instead of 5K, thanks for the extra effort, Amanda!

I also want to thank some very special friends who participated in the event including:
Emily (colon cancer survivor) and Jan, who flew up from SoCal for the event

Mar 2 2013 330

Annette, Joanne, and Bill who put in tons of time getting the cards and flyers out and were the key volunteers on our Community Action Committee for planning and executionMar 2 2013 349

Beth (colon cancer survivor) and husband Jens who drove up from San Francisco and were also our team’s largest fundraiser.

Sherron and all the member of the Placerville Ostomy Club “Bagpipers” who participated

Linda (colon cancer survivor) and founder of Lynch Syndrome International and her family who brought coffee and goodies to the event and shared the need for screening for the family genetic disorder, Lynch Syndrome which impacts about 5% of the colon cancer survivors..more info at

starbucks logo

A very SPECIAL thank you to Nicole, Michael, Drew, Taylor and ALL the Starbucks FOLSOM store and district members and customers for their generous support and participation in this year’s event (and last year, too!) You are AWESOME!

Dr. Stoney Anderson flew up from San Diego to speak on behalf of C4 ( to speak about the use of the money raised at the event for screening on under and un-insured Californians.

Thanks also to CCCP (the California Coalition for Colorectal Prevention, for sponsoring the Giant Colon at the event. It is always a big hit.
Mar 2 2013 300

Thanks to TEAM UNDY from CCA, Stephanie, Hannah, Todd (onsite) and Dani (onsite). I don’t know how you guys manage 20 of these events each year, but thank you for doing it!

Our team (It’s all BEHIND us now!) raised more than $2,500. The event turn out was incredible with more than 700 registered participants the night before the event, raising more than $37,000 for local colon screenings for the under and un-insured in California. With onsite registration and donations, we may top $40,000 in fundraising and 800 participants!

Again this year, Ken Rudolph from Good Day Sacramento was our Master of Ceremonies and Channel 31 covered the event live. View archived video of their coverage at:

Channel 3 also covered the event:

Thanks again, everyone for the hard work, love and support that made this year’s Sacramento UNDY5000 so successful.

Together we can DEFEAT COLON CANCER! Schedule your colonoscopy today!

Looking forward to making next year’s event even bigger than this year.

Randy, 27 year colon cancer survivor and ostomate

PS: Got the official times for our team’s runners:

Finished overall:
68 Ashlee Barnett It’s all BEHIND us now!
206 Emily Mazzetti It’s all BEHIND us now!
213 Colin Ward It’s all BEHIND us now!
256 Peggy Long It’s all BEHIND us now!
276 Amanda Domondon Elk Grove CA It’s all BEHIND us now!
284 Earl Haight It’s all BEHIND us now!
285 Laurie Barnett It’s all BEHIND us now!
291 Jenifer Amberson It’s all BEHIND us now!


Hi Randy,


I should have sent this to you about five days ago, but I have been so crazy and busy traveling between coasts! I wanted to say thank you to you and your family for everything you did to help with Sacramento. We couldn’t have done it without you guys, and you definitely had a huge part in making the event as wonderful as it was. So, please pass along my gratitude to Earl, Jeff and Deja (sp??). You guys rocked!


Thanks again,




Daniella Peña
Assistant Director

Undy 5000 Series

Colon Cancer Alliance


PPS: Got a nice email from the “Lynchies” team…

Thank you both for organizing such a great 5K fun run/walk.  I obtained  some very worthwhile information from the various exhibitors.  I have participated in other 5K events, and my friends & I thought this 5K was really fun & very well organized.    I know some of the other cancer 5K’s sometimes have “In Celebration Of”  or  “In Memory Of” flyers that people attach to their backs when they do the walk to honor their loved ones.   Perhaps this is something you might want to add to your event in the future.  Just a thought.

The Undy 5000 in Sacramento on March 2, 2013 was definitely a day to remember!!  I am so grateful to all my friends & family for their support and encouragement.   Who would have ever thought I’d be running (well, actually walking at a fast pace) around Land Park in my “Bottoms Up” boxers just 3 weeks after my colon cancer surgery!!   My friends & I were on the LSI Lynchies Team – since I am a  “2-time” Lynch Syndrome Survivor (endometrial cancer 2010 & colon cancer Feb. 2013).   Not only did we receive lots of compliments on our cute “Bottoms Ups” boxers, the overall female winner of this 5K was my good friend, Leilani!!  She completed this race in 20 minutes & 48 seconds!!! WOW!!!   I came “running” across the finish line, a mere 27 minutes AFTER Leilani finished!!!   (I walked the course, except for my 100-yard dash at the end!!)    My friends & I had such a good time at the UNDY 5000 that we are planning to do it again next year and have already recruited some more friends to join us  in 2014 for this great cause!   In fact, we are already thinking about a creative team name and outfit!!  🙂

I’ve attached a few pictures that I took at this event.  I’m not sure if there is a place to post them, but I thought I’d share them with you. Feel free to use them. 
Thanks again for organizing such a great event and helping raise awareness for colon cancer.
Take care,

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