Colon Cancer Alliance National Conference Highlights

Trish and Randy all dressed up at the CCA National Conference in Baltimore.

The conference began with three survivors sharing their stories of survival from colon cancer, one of which was me. From there we did book signing (almost sold out and raised $100 for the Blue Note Fund to help fund treatments for current colon cancer patients), and then the Dress in Blue dinner. Got to spend time with Emily and Jan, tons of fun.

Saturday’s sessions were packed full of great info on treatment updates, nutrition info, intimacy and more. Dinner Saturday night with Emily and Jan. Yummy! and a great street performer at Baltimore Inner Harbor.

Sunday got to meet Stephanie’s Mom and Dad and a great lunch at Philly’s at the harbor. Then fly home.

Awesome time, great info, super people and tons of hugs….

The three opening speakers at the conference.

The two Patricias, Tony and Randy

Emily and Jan and Trish and Randy

Trish volunteered me to assist this street performer with his juggling act but we didn’t know it would involve fire! LOL.Randy helps a street performer in Baltimore

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