Changing my ostomy appliance at 30,000 feet

Trish and I and Peggy and Earl were returning from the Great Comebacks/WOCN national conference in Charlotte and had to make a mad dash to make our connection in Minneapolis. I needed to change my ostomy appliance and had planned to do so in the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport between flights. I literally ran the last 100 yards to the gate and yelled…We’re here, hold the plane! In the rush I totally forgot I needed to change. I hoped I could make it back home to Sacramento airport and change there, but it was obvious that I couldn’t wait the two and half hour flight time from Minny to Sac.

I had never had to change my ostomy appliance on a plane before and was making up all kinds of terrible scenarios in my head about what could happen in those tiny airplane bathrooms with no air circulation or vent fans. OMG, I was going to stink out the entire plane!

Trish came to the rescue and suggested I speak with one of the Delta flight attendants. Once I explained what an ostomy appliance was and I didn’t have time to prepare for the flight due to the rush to make connections, she was very understanding. She immediately went to an overhead bin and pulled out a kit for fluid disposal (bleeding, urine, feces and vomit.) In the kit were all kinds of support stuff to support the proper disposal and handling of my ostomy appliance change.

Bottom line, everything was fine, made the change and didn’t stink out the plane.

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