30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Week 2

I am grateful to all those who took time to visit me in the Hospital back in 1986 and to send cards, flowers and prayer for healing. IT WORKED!

Day 8: I am grateful to those who visited me in the hospital back in March 1986 and sent cards, flowers and prayers that helped me heal.

Steve Rodriguez (coworker at Western Digital)

John Caruthers (Steve’s friend from church)

Gloria and Jay Pyle (sister and brother in law)

Ed and Lee Arthur (David and Darchelle’s pastor and his wife)

David and Darchelle Shafer (Sales VP at W/D and his wife)

Shelley Herchkorn (friend)

Joe Nelson (business associate)

Bruce Friesen (coworker)

Mike and Amy (lifelong friend and his gram)

Richie and Shirley (brother and sister in law)

Sharon (sister in law)

John (brother in law)

Peggy and Earl (sister in law and brother in law)

Gary Koopman (my boss at W/D)

Thank you list:

W/D Dallas, LA and NorCal Sales Office; Don, Coleen, Chris, Ben, Bev, Gonan, Brad and Wayne, Dave and Lori. W/D sales office in Irvine from Brad, Pate, Phil and Trian, Joani, Carol and Gary. Craig’s parents, Jeanie, David and Darchelle, Bruce and the EPD (W/D’s Ehanced Peripherals Division), Gary and Ellen, Mike and Amy. Richie and Shirley, Gloria and Jay, Greg, Laurie and Stan, the folks at Weil, W/D’s local distributor. Jim and Mason from CMS, Isabelle, Ken and Linda and Shelly. Aunt Analee, Jan and Dan, Midge, Kathy, Joe, Joani, Big Mike, Myrna and Norm, Rick, Mom, Isabelle and Donni, Pam and John, Ken and Dorothy, Ron and Lauri, Marilyn and Royce, Bruce and Steve.

Your kindness is a blessing to me and I keep working to “pay forward”  your caring and support, so that your kindness keeps on giving.

I am grateful!


Day 9:

I am grateful to June Booth, my holistic nurse who came to my aid back when the medical community only treated the disease and not the whole person. The docs had cut on me and radiated me and then discharged me to figure out what to do with the rest of my (short, they thought) life. June had a different idea. Her gift is intuition combined with knowledge and caring and an appreciation for the whole individual, body, mind and spirit. She went to work on me in what they now call an integrative approach to healing.

I am grateful to June Booth, the holistic nurse who saved my life.

Through hypnosis and listening daily to a relaxation tape she made for specifically for me to help my body relax and focus on assisting the radiation treatments kill any remaining cancer cells left after surgery. June researched the right diet and suppliments that are now the standard for integrative care. Lots of dark vegetables, little meat, Vitamin D, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B. Visualizations including grounding me to the earth, connecting me with the life energy around me (at that time I did not believe in God.) Mind, body and spirit….the whole person.

Thank you, June for your gift, your knowledge and your caring for me twenty six years ago and since.

Love and Hugs,






Day 10: I am grateful to Rolf at Great Comebacks and Convatec

I was featured in Convatec’s marketing promotion for their new Moldable ostomy products. My picture was plastered all over the place!

I am grateful for being associated with such an inspirational group of people within Great Comebacks and Convatec, who have paid to fly Trish and me back to Charlotte, NC for a beautiful awards dinner and three great days sharing my story of survival and active life as an ostomate with health care professionals at the annual WOCN conference.

Convatec featured my picture in their marketing promotion for their new Moldable wafers. I got  to share my story as an active ostomate in their booth with the WOCNs. I got to meet many of the great Convatec staff and have been invited to speak at a couple of events in September and October.

Thank you Rolf and Convatec!



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