Lifting Weight Limits for Ostomates DEBUNKED!

I was told about the weight lifting limit as a young Dad and it was devastating to me. The thought that I could no longer grab up my sons and lift them up over my head for an airplane ride just about killed me. Well, I was almost dead at the time anyway…LOL

About six months after surgery one of my boys came running up to me and without thinking I picked him up and lifted him over my head and spun around….with no negative side effects. I hit the gym immediately and began testing the limits of what I could lift. Slowly increasing the reps on lower weight, then upping the weight with fewer reps. I eventually got to well over 100 pounds without any stoma hernia. Whenever I feel that cramp starting around my stoma, I immediately stop my exercise and take a break and won’t perform the particular exercise that brought on the cramp again that day or the next day.

I was so very relieved to find that FOR ME, I did not have to restrict my physical activities that I so enjoyed and lived for…playing with my sons!


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