Just another active ostomate monday

How did this happen?

Typical Monday for this active ostomate. Up at 7am, cereal with fresh berries and soy milk, 32oz of water and a cup of starbucks coffe through the Kuerig. Hey nobody is perfect!

Checked the Great Comebacks ostomy support group online community discussion board and CCA CRC connections online forums for anyone giving & needing support.

90 minutes of Bikram hot yoga then 30 minutes pushing weights and 10 minutes of swimming.

At Kaiser to see my doc about numbness getting worse in my right foot.

Trish fixing an early dinner at home. Yummy!

One thought on “Just another active ostomate monday

  1. Well the doc said that the numbness and weakness in my foot was probably related to nerve damage caused by the radiation therapy during my colon cancer treatments back in 1986. It’s just been a long time coming on. He suggested accupuncture and gave me a referral to the Kaiser accupuncturist. Will post updates as they happen.

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